vrijdag 16 juni 2017

3.5 is just a Number

It took them 3,5 years to get back to reality. A reality that most of us don't want to live in anymore, because we have something better. Something so good, that it is worth holding on to it.
This is story about relationship that would've been wonderful if the situation was different. Or would it not? Some things belong together, like in the circle of fifths. Just as the saying goes about tango.
Reality or not, the clock keeps ticking and the time goes on. We have to take a flight to the next adventure and a step in another vision of the world. A twist in the plot of life.

Time flies or shatters away from you, that is what you often hear people say. Time is a never-ending gift that we should cherish, while we still have it. A lot can happen in 3,5 seconds, 3,5 months and 3,5 years. Within 3,5 second you can get shot and take 3,5 months to recover of a relationship that felt like it lasted 3,5 years. Time can tell many stories like this one and I am thankful that I am in yours now.

It all starts with Ying, a very talented person. A person that loves to dance, play music, sing and craft. Once in focus, it is hard to get Ying out. Ying have been in many relationships before, but none felt like this one. Ying have been hurt and loved before, but for a 3,5 you can't go back. Ying has a very beautiful whiteness, but is sometimes bothered by the black spot. A beauty or sexy spot in the eyes of others. A dark spot that get covered up in the society or on the mainstream media. On a beautiful night, with clear skies, Ying went out to a park, sat down underneath a tree and play a guitar while watching the stars. What Ying didn't know is that underneath that tree, there was another person.

Yang was a very talented person. Yang loved to dance, play music, solve puzzles and write stories. Once focused and motivated, Yang could get very creative and inspirational. Yang has been in some relationships before, but none felt like this one. It felt like half way there, 3,5 to be more exact. Yang has a very beautiful darkness, but is sometimes bothered by a white scar within. A scar that makes Yang unique in the eyes of others. Yang tries to cover this scar with a smile and optimism, so no-one could notice what is going on. On a beautiful night, with clear skies, Yang went out to a park, sat down underneath a tree, and start writing a poem. What Yang didn't know is that underneath that tree, there was another person.

Ying and Yang met on a very peculiar way, on a dark night with clear skies. While focusing on the pink stars rising to the skies. Their 3,5 joined together to form the 7 stars of Ursa Minor. The lucky number 7. The sound of the guitar Ying was playing inspired Yang to write a beautiful poem. After 3,5 minutes they found themself together searching for the Great Bear. As time flew by they enjoyed every moment and it felt like they have been there for 3,5 years. They knew that after 3.5 hours they have to go back, back to reality.

Are you wondering what Yang wrote within that 3,5 minute? Well here you go:

Dear Farfallina,

You are became very special to me and I will wait till the day that you are mine. Meanwhile we will stay just friends, sharing a secret love and friendship. ;)

You are very kind, talented and motivational person. You thought me a lot about myself and motivated me on the field of music. It is ironic who the butterfly was that flew away. In the end, it is the small things that mostly mattered, right?

As I sit underneath this tree and stare at the sky, I will let time decide what happens next. I hope you enjoyed the me from now, I can't promise I will be the same in the future. As time goes everybody will change eventually.

But now, let's live in the now and enjoy it. Not to worry about the future or past. Enjoy the music and rhythm within us and go with the flow of it.

Yang ;)

Well you reached this far, so again I'm thankful of your time, thank you for being part of my life and thank you for being a motivational person to me. Stay awesome like that.

Dyoxler out!

donderdag 30 maart 2017


So, I have been wondering for quite some times why there are some people out there insecure about how they look or what they can do. I mean, sometimes I am also insecure about things. But why? And what do I need to do against this? Maybe someone gave a TED speech about this already, but I don't know.  Feel free to share your knowledge.

Well this thought and question had been wondering in my head for quite some time now. I think for some people out there too. I think I might have the answer and I wonder if other people also think the same. All you need is the right compliment from the right person. Not that you should wait for this to happen, but I think once you get this... you are ready to beat the world. Just to clarify things I would say it again "All you need is the right compliment from the right person". I mention two important things here: 1. Right compliment and 2. Right person.
The right compliment is exactly the opposite of the negative things that you think about yourself or think that you can't do. The right person is the person that you know that what they said is not just to make you feel good. This person can say somethings like:

"You are really good at that; you should write a story about me"
"I like your smile; it is a beautiful smile that you can light other people’s up with"
"You have a beautiful body; you should show it and trust me it will inspire other people to be like you"
"I like to dance with you even if it is just the basics, because you light up the room"
"You seem freaky, don't be hiding all of it, some people like that shit ;) "
"I like your appearance, you are motivational. I wish I had more colleagues as you"
"You are a very good parent; I look forward on raising my kids just like you"
"Son, always stay in the right path"

Once the right person tells you what you need to hear, you would totally feel confident again and will shine like the diamond that you are. All you needed is that little polish. This “right person” might be hard to find or might have been around you all this time without you noticing. Be sure to let them know what their compliment has done for you on way or the other. Be thankful for all the compliments you got and will get in the future. Conscious or unconscious you will put them in good use.

Some of this compliments could perish away along with the confident feeling in time. The thing is that you are so amazing that the feeling will be bigger, when you get the compliment again from someone else’s.
Yes, I know... there are people out there that has gotten overconfident because of this. Well negative compliments work the same way I think. If you get it from the right person all this overconfidence will be gone.

Again I am not saying that you should remain insecure and wait for the right thing to boost you up. Know that everything happens for a reason, you already have a "no", you could get a "yes", you never fail until you stop trying and that beauty is subjective, what one finds ugly another finds beautiful. You have managed so far...

Because you're awesome like that,

Dyoxler out.

donderdag 9 februari 2017

A game of February

Welcome to the game of February! This game is about getting everything done as fast as possible, because it is the shortest month of the year. This year the game brought a new feature for the die-hard players.
If you leave the house at night, it will be either raining, freezing or snowing. It's a challenge on how to remain as dry or warm possible and how drift your way from point A to B.
You can always choose not to leave the house and still beat the game.

Developers made a bonus level called "Valentine’s day" to celebrate that you are half way there.
Players have to prepare their wallet and start seasoning their food from day one.
If they play the bonus level well enough, they might get this achievement called a Valentine. The perks of this valentine depends on the method the player chooses to play this bonus level. The perks are either a lifetime of happiness, a lifetime of drama or a lifetime defensive shield.
Before the bonus level you can shop and prepare yourself with weapons or booby-traps. You could also dedicate your time on preparing your food by buying special seasonings.
To get the special achievement of this bonus level is simple. You have to protect your food at all cost until dinner time or start hunting on other player’s food. Viola, let The Hunger Games begin.
Because it's a bonus level, you could still get leftovers but not the achievement.
After the bonus level the games continues and now you are probably broke or hungry because of the bonus level. And yea the achievement didn't come with any money and you still have to get everything done as fast as possible.

How am I managing this game so far? I got a fishing rod, a bowl, special beans, a book, an agenda and no money. I am sitting on a fishing spot, watching beautiful fishes swim around. While other players are on a boat trying to get them. I got the special beans in a bowl, hoping they will sprout soon. Figure it out yet? I have a lot of patience and I'm focused what's in my agenda. In the book I have my strategies and recipes written down. Let The Hunger Games begin.

"Oh look! A rare fish is swimming around my bait and …"
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fishes in the sea quotes

Remember only start playing when you know you will win.



woensdag 8 februari 2017

A Fairy Tale of thoughts

What is the point of being nice, if the world isn’t nice to you?
Just because they say: Be the change you want to see in the world?
Why give something and hope for nothing, while you know you will get something?
Because the say what goes around, will come back around?
The world is a fairy tale and some of us hope to leave the world as a better place.
Striving to raise our children in a better way, so the world can be the future that we wanted.

But it has been for generations like this, and what have changed?
It is all just Fairy tales.
It is all the same and it will remain this way, 
If we always want something better and never be satisfied with what we have.
It is all an illusion to keep us hanging in this world.
A world of Fairy tales,

The optimistic people will know the positive answers to my questions.
But I wonder if they know the positive thought behind this blog.
Well I hope.

The world shows you countless of time the reality.
Those not living in that fairy tale, will strike harder at you.
And what do you do? Get hit and stay down, hope they stop, while you know that they will not?
No, we have been thought to fight back, pay back with what has been given to you.
But at the same time we have hope, we have to be nice and be gentle.
It doesn't seem that it fits. Something is not right in this Fairy tale.
Even in a boxing fight, it is the one that strikes hard and has the most experience wins.
And not the one that counters with soft touches and has hopes to win the fight.

I'm lost...
We are lost...
I'm lost between two decisions, like all of us are.
A one and a zero, a gamble between choices.
A hope for the best choice.
And not knowing what tomorrow will bring…
To set goals, to fight with everything in the ring.
To let go or to fight and get back up.

What is the point of all this? Tales that we have been told to hang on to life?
No wonder some of us quits. It's not real, its contradicting and confusing us.
The balance seems real; one cannot exist without the other.
A fantasy fighting reality.

They say never give up, but I gave up on this statement to grow up.
Moving forward by eating the elephant one bite at a time.
Accepted the fact that faster is not always the way.
As there are more ways that leads to Rome.
Choice is the steering wheel on that road.
But accepting what you already accepted can be difficult, you know?

One needs what it needs in the right moment that its needed,
Nothing more and nothing less.
Everything is just too much for One and nothing is too less for One, that is not enough.
So one just need the right amount that is needed, nothing more nothing less.

How can I put this simple?
While finding a simple way of writing something difficult,
Is simply difficult enough,
So I gave up, you know?
I give up on this Fairy tale that I wrote once wrote.

dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

The breaker of Joyful moments

Hey what's up? You know, sometimes you know something isn't the way you think it is, but you like the idea of living in denial? Well this is a story about how the society wants you to stop doing that. Stop living in denial an start facing the facts. The breaker of Joyful moments.

First subject I want to start with is money. The reason I start with this is because we have been living in a world that money is a requirement to everybody. Whatever you need or whatever you want cost money. Think about it for a second. Even when you think you got it for free, it is at someone else's cost.  I know you thinking now " what if I hunt my own food or create my own stuff?".  Well, you still need something to start with, and that cost money too. Even the air you breathe or the soil you want to plant on cost money. Are you getting my point now? This is the society ruined your living in denial idea. But screw it right? Ignorance is bliss they say. Too bad someone will punch you in the face with the facts and send your blissful moment to oblivion. Friends are the best source to get this punch from.

The next thing is friendship. Nowadays you can have tons of friends on social media and in real life. Just the idea of having many friends is wonderful. Some would rather have a million friends than a million dollars. I think this is because money can't buy you happiness. I know someone will think " I know a lot of people and have a few true friends ". Well I agree with that thought, and I know about the "acquaintances" , friend, best friends, BFF's and soulmates group association. Wonderful thing if everyone know their place in that group.  A friend of mine made a vlog about types of friends., you should check it out.  You know the type of friend that want to befriend everyone and no one want to really befriend this person? Well that person is living in denial. They know it's not possible to befriend everyone, but they still want to do it anyway. Just like I'm doing right now, they will find someone or something that will let them face the facts. Furthermore, at some point in life you will get tired chasing people. Some friends will stay and some will fade.

Well this whole thing is just the way I see it and there is people out there that sees it differently. Here is another thing that society has to stick their nose in it every time. Love. For those who firmly believe that there is no such thing as love, I pity you for living on this planet. Because every where you go you will find people talking, singing, writing, reading, filming or painting about it. I mean if such thing doesn't exist, why spend so much attention? Just let me live in denial, ok? 

To make a choice between "Yes" or "No" can be difficult. But one can still choose to let the question unanswered. What bothers me is that at some point your friends or the society will influence you that much, that you will give a answer. Even though you liked the unanswered question, and hoped that the question would disappear in time. Well there's an explanation for everything, so why?

How about this, next time you are going to prove something, take a second and think about it... Are you a joy breaker? Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt and being real gets you hated. Oh what a wonderful world we live in.

Just some thoughts I had ready to be broken, like a light-bulb falling on a armed mousetrap.

maandag 20 juni 2016

The silent screams

I need help ....
I need help with stuff in my life
I need help with setting things straight
I need help to lessen this weight
I'm screaming "please help me with this strife"

I need help with being optimistic
So I can stop thinking that I failed
I need help with being realistic
So I can stop thinking that I have prevailed

Sometimes I need help with crossing the road
Other times I need help with asking for aid
I need help with all the stuff that needs to be paid.
I need help to accomplish all these things that I vowed

There are voices in my head screaming for help
There are voices around screaming the same
Can nobody hear all this cries for help?
The world need help, not someone to blame

In silent I scream so nobody will hear
Even when they ask, I won’t tell them my fear
With a smile on my face, I am struggling within
Helping others around to cover their sin

It is easier to help, then it is to ask
I can get a lot of things with just a mask
But not certainty to overcome this doubt
Isn’t this what the world is all about?

I need help to stay in touch
I need help to let go
I need help to let others know,
That in my life they are needed much

I need help with what I got
So I can help others find what they have not
Maybe I need just the help of God
To lessen all the problems that I've caught

The silent screams are spreading
I will not ask for helping
Someone will see that I need it
And will help me before I break

I need help from someone close
I need help with a prose
I need help to end this silent screams
I need help to start accomplishing dreams

maandag 16 mei 2016


Inspiration. Where do you get it? This is the topic I want to write about today. As you may have noticed, it is taking me a long time before I blog again. Well the thing is between now and then, I didn’t have inspiration to write anything. But today I do have! Isn’t that great readers? I'm back!

So where do I get my inspiration from? This might be a bit awkward, but no one will ever guess where the inspiration to write this blog came from. Nope, it is not from reading an article or book about inspiration. Nope, it not a movie that I just watched. Yes, it is when I was taking a shower. Odd right? I guess there must be a study out there which shows that this is not that odd. But do I always get my inspiration to write under the shower? The answer to that is obviously a fat NO! I often feel inspired after reading a friends blog. A very talented blogger and quite a story teller. As for me, I am not much of a story teller... well until I get inspired. Yes, sometimes I do have the fantasy to even write a fiction story. Other times I get inspired by the problems I come across in my daily life. There is many things that can inspire me to write about, some of them are quite awkward and funny. For example, sitting on the toilet getting shitty inspiration. Can you smell it? But the thing of inspiration is that it doesn’t last very long. Well for me it doesn’t. It always last like 40 minutes to an hour, after that I get distracted and inspiration will take a vacation. That's a bummer. Because of this it might take a long time before I get inspired again. Well that was a lie, I do get inspired more often than you think, but I do get distracted just as often. That's also a bummer isn’t it? For those moment I can keep the distraction away and keep on writing, you will get a blog from me to read. Yeeey! Sometimes I get inspired when I reflect on myself, my goals and my past. Of the lessons I learned or want to learn about myself or others.
Inspiration is quite a thing, a very beautiful skill of the mind and soul. It just hits you and go off as it please. But will create beautiful things while it is there. We should just let it be.

“What's meant to be will always find a way” ― Trisha Yearwood

I wonder what get you inspired. Inspired to do anything, it doesn’t have to be writing. I know some very talented people that makes music or mixes, paint something, dances or make a choreography, cook something or prepare a cocktail. Leave a comment let us know where or what gets you inspired.

For me this is the end of my inspiration session without distraction. I thank you very much for reading and also if you left any feedbacks or comment.

And as always I have to finish with style!

Remember to be inspired, because you're awesome like that. (B.Y.A.L.T.)


donderdag 17 december 2015

The END of Everything

Hi there readers.

I know it has been a while since I last blogged, but here I am again. The reason you did not see any blog for a while, is because I have not put and END to them yet. But before this year ENDs I want to you to think about The END of Everything.

Take a moment and think what ended this year and what is going to end in the future. Are your endings just like a fairy tale or more of a scary tale? Yes, sometimes there is good endings and sometimes you have the not so good too (Reality). But in the end we all will experience them at the end of times. One of the great things for me that ended this year was my greatest summer vacation. On this vacation I celebrated my 25th Birthday with amazing friends and family. One of the not so good things that ended this year is my job as a catering assistant. It was a very enlightening job experience, I learned how to treat costumers in a better way.
Somewehere in the near future I have somethings that is going to end too. Some of them I look forward to and some I don't. One of the things I look forward to is the end of my school carreer. This will be a great milestone in my life.
We all must have heard the qoute " All good things must come to an end eventually, but the next experience awaits" and so is this blog. So lets focus on the next experience that await us and make the best out of it. A new year, a new challenge, a new love, a new adventure, a new trend and a new blog. For what did not end yet, just enjoy it while it last. Because after all it will come to an end eventually.

I want to take this moment to wish all my readers a joyfull Christmass and a happy new year. May the best come to you, because you are awesome like that.


PS. Feel free to leave feedbacks or share your experiences.

donderdag 26 juni 2014

Is it perfect?

Dear reader,

Hear am I again bothering you with my thoughts. Do you believe in something perfect? Do you think such thing exists? Is the word "perfect" itself perfect? Well I highly doubt it now. This is one of those time I sit back and think deep about this  kind of stuff. Like people really pursue perfection like its something they can achieve. While in fact there is no such thing. You want some examples? You say you found the perfect partner, yet you secretly see their imperfections like snoring while they sleep. Of-course these are things you can live with, but I don't think it's the perfect partner then, don't you? It's just an imperfect partner that you can spend your life with.

Another example is getting perfect grades. When you check it yourself you see you didn't finish a sentence with a "dot"( this example is a bit ridiculous, but you get the point, right?). So a perfect grade means you did better then most of the other students, but still, you had mistakes. If everyone had the right answers, with only some grammar mistakes. I think the perfect score would be the one with the less grammar mistakes  I know this example is very flaw, but it's for me to point out that, perfect isn't really perfect, it's just something we can live with.

I also think it's funny that I say " its something we can live with ", while we still pursue perfection. Don't you think? So at the end I just wanted to say that there is no such thing of perfect in this world. If you think you have some thing perfect, you might as just be a foolish thinker. Love your self and everything you do, you didn't do anything bad or imperfect. You did it perfectly the way you did. Next time it will be perfect too and so on.

 We are perfectly imperfect and we do so as well.

zaterdag 7 juni 2014

Being Loyal

Being Loyal is not the only thing a relationship needs. Today I wanted to bring my thoughts out on this line. The reason I did this is because I try be a very loyal person. I feel like being loyal is not everything in a relationship. Yes "relationship"!. I'm being very specific with the word "relationship" and not "partner" to stay general with the topic.

Relationship: the mutual dealings, connections, or feelings that exist between two parties, countries, people, etc:

So read me out.
Being Loyal is one of the important things in a relationship, it makes the other person put more trust in you. But the thing is, you can be 100 percent loyal, but everything you do makes others question your loyalty.

You can be loyal and not taking the relationship seriously.

i.e. ' you will always be there for the other (in good or bad), but you do so just to hold your standards and nothing more'

You can be loyal and not giving the attention the other person needs or wants.

Here are some examples:
You are loyal to someone and tell them "I will be there when you need me" while not being able to know when that person really needs you.
You are loyal to someone and tell them "I will never do you wrong" while not knowing what the other person think its right.

So that brings me to the question what being Loyal to someone really means, and what is his value in a relationship. Are you a loyal friend/partner/family?

If you are my best friend and you are also best friends with my enemy, would you tell me their secrets or would you share mine with them?

Like I said before, everything you do makes others question how loyal you are. In the end, its not just being loyal that matters, but how much you value the other person.

Let me know what you think.

And as always I have to finish with style,


Een man, starend in het donker.

Hij droomt. Hij is wel wakker, maar hij droomt. Hij droomt over het wat hij wilt worden. Hij zegt het hard op " ik wil graag laborant worden of iemand die in de laboratorium werkt". Hij zucht. Diep. Hij weet dat dat niet meer kan. Maar hij is tevreden met zijn werk. Mensen noemen hem wel eens werkverslaafd. Maar liefde voor het werken volledige toewijding van een roeping hoeft dus niet altijd de negatieve connotatie van werkverslaving te hebben. Hij hevelt van zijn werk. En oke. Hij vlucht er misschien in. Hij droomt. Zucht diep en valt in zijn gedachten. Steeds verder. Hij denkt aan vroeger. Zijn vrouw. Ex-vrouw. Hij wordt bedroefd. Een van de moeilijkste dingen van liefdesrelaties is het omgaan met meningsverschillen en enigheid. Maar hier  kwamen ze niet uit. Hij zou voordat hij doodging kinderen willen hebben en ze 23 jaar zien worden. Zij leefde anders. Ze zei dat ze kinderen wilde, maar ze straalde wat anders uit. Ze loog tegen hem. Dag in, dag uit. De grap is vaak het gat waardoor de waarheid valt. Hij wilde zijn leven met haar delen. Maar zij, zij leefde anders. Ze luisterde niet. Ze wist niet dat wanneer een man merkt dat hij gewaardeerd wordt, dat hij luistert en hij zich niet afwezen voelt omdat hij niet niet meer praat, zal hij langzaam loskomen. Hij werd terug geroepen naar zijn werk. Iemand vroeg hem iets. Achteloos zei hij " ja ". Niet eens wetende wat er gevraagd werd  hij staarde naar zijn handen. Hij keek op naar zijn collega's. Allemaal boze gezichten. Als iets kon veranderen in mijn werk, zou het de sfeer zijn, dacht hij. Maar dacht hij direct, als ik me daar ook al druk over moet maken. Hij kerk weer naar zijn handen. Glimlachte, grinnikte. Hij dacht na. Weer aan vroeger. Zijn ex vrouw. Iemand die er steeds was, was er niet. En gordijn van doorzichtige kraaltjes. Hij moest loslaten steeds aan haar te denken. Hij kan zonder haar. Hij kan krijgen wie hij wilde hij riep het: "ik kan zonder haar". Zomaar, hardop, ik kan het hoor. "Leef je volledig uit met door inzicht " riep een collega. Gejoel, gelach, geklap. De collega's dachten dat hij er over heen was. Die hadden het over sex pakken wat je pakken kunt. Maar dat wilde hij niet. Hij had een ander leven in zijn hoofd. Laborant, vrouw, kinderen. Het mocht niet zo zijn. Hij deed alsof hij genoot. Vluchtte in zijn werk. Voor de buitenwereld leek zijn bestaan perfect, maar en heel mens word hij nooit meer.

zaterdag 11 januari 2014

The story of You! The talented one.

Once upon a time in a world far far from here. A world where a lot of Ideas lived happy and free. There was one special creature, it was unique amongst all the Ideas that lived there. The day it was born all the Ideas came together, to watch the wonder amongst them. A couple of them deliberated to put a tag or label on this creature so they could differentiate its kind from the Ideas. They called it a person, which means for them "we came together". It was the wonder of all Ideas, it was raised by all of them, it was the first person in the wonderful world of Ideas. The joy they saw in the person, when they were nurturing it was so overwhelming, it made them grow bigger. So the bigger they grew, the more they knew, the more they were be able to teach the person. As the years passed by the person grew attached to the Ideas.

One day a big Idea came to the person, to announce that more of its kind has been born in their world. That it's no longer unique amongst the Ideas. As if the miracle of the one and only person in their world was no longer a miracle, but more of a result of something that is happening. After the announcement, the Ideas decided to spread all over the world to nurture every new person, and do so in their own way. The same as had happened to the first person, they enjoyed the joy of every person and grew even bigger.
Of course, not all of the Ideas went to the other new persons. Some of them stayed with the first person, and thought it more and more. This person became bright and wise from the knowledge of all the Ideas. The first person traveled the world visiting the other Ideas.

After a couple of years the world of Ideas was no longer theirs. It all became a chaos in their world. Ideas were running every second from person to person. As if their perfect world no longer existed. Even though they got so big from the joys of the persons. Their world was more a world of persons with some big Ideas amongst them.
Meanwhile the first person didn't forget anyone that raised it. The first person continued to visit every single Idea, all over the world. It came to notice that the Ideas weren't as happy as they were the day when It was born. As if the Ideas are happier when they are all together in one place. But for some reason It didn't want to tell the Ideas about this and kept it to Itself.

Years has passed and the Ideas lost their world, and they decided to go back together. To deliberate a way they can witness the joy of every person in the world without getting separated. After a lot of deliberating they made 2 discoveries. First they discovered that they were happier when they are together. The first person was also there, felt the same way and also had the same remarks. It felt happier when it is together with the happy and free Ideas. The second discovery the Ideas made was that their size was related to the amount of persons in the world. That the bigger they get, the more persons will be born. They decided to share their discoveries with the first person. It remarked that, it also noticed this when traveling around the world. At that moment they decided to share their memories of the past with each other. It was a moment of joy, fun and laughter. A big Idea that raised and stayed with the first person asked for something they can differentiate the first person from the others, a new label, and the others Ideas agreed to this. It took them a while to bring something up.

The day they brought this something up was a very special day. It was a day where every person in the world came to the place that all the Ideas were, claiming the Ideas that raised them should return with them. It was a day of chaos. The first person was the only one who could protect the Ideas from the other person. It cried and suffered a lot from the damage all the person caused it. But eventually all the persons retreated and said to return the next day. And that this will continue until the Ideas return with them. The first person was laying in front of the Ideas badly injured. It was this moment, they brought that something up. They decided to call the first person "You" which for them means “Shelter of Ideas", for them the first person, now called "You", was their hero of the day. They treated the injuries of You and provided it with more teachings. The next day the other persons left to come back the next day again. This went on for 6 days and after every day You got less injured from the person. As if You have gotten stronger with every teaching for the Ideas. On the 7th day, You stood tall in front of all the persons and preached full of confidence. You explained a way in which the Ideas can still be together and at the same time be with all the other persons. Where all can be happy, growing full of joy and knowledge.

During this event another miracle was happening inside of You, but this will be left a "mystery".

The way that You explained to the other persons was a way for Ideas and persons to stay connected. But the way had first to be mastered and this will take years. The persons on their turn proposed to come back every year with the Ideas that raised them to the place, so You can master the way. Every year the Ideas were together and celebrated it with You. As if You has manage to control the chaos that was happening in the world of Ideas.
The year came where You has mastered the way along with the Ideas. The Ideas decided to call this way "Talent" which means for them "A way to connect" on the day that everyone was gathered. And on this day You thought the persons a the fundamental piece of the Talent that he called "Imagination". Because of this Talent, will this day be the last time all persons traveled to the same place for the sake of the Ideas. Through the piece of Talent "Imagination" could the Ideas still be together even when they were spread through the world.

So the Ideas acquired their peaceful world back along with the persons. The Ideas grew bigger and the world had more persons. After mastering the fundamental piece of Talent "Imagination" the persons started to learn other pieces of Talents from You. The piece that followed Imagination was "Creativity" which led to creation of many things in the world. As for You remained the most Talented one in the World.

~The End~

The message that I’m trying to bring with this story is this:

You are talented, You have great ideas within you, Use them to take away the chaos in this world. Share your ideas with others to make them bigger. Let the miracle in you change the world to a better place for all,

vrijdag 6 december 2013

Het besmettelijkheid van Salsa en FLOW.

Voor mij is salsa dansen een duidelijk manier om FLOW te ervaren. Mijn interesse voor salsa begon al sinds ik op Curaçao. Ik ben opgegroeid tussen mensen die het leuk vinden om te dansen, meeste mensen uit mijn cultuur vinden het leuk om te dansen. Maar mijn eerste stapjes van salsa heb ik te danken aan mijn zus. Ze volgde een cursus van salsa daar en om haar stapjes thuis te oefenen pakte ze me bij de hand en begon te dansen. Vanaf dit moment begon ik met het ontwikkelen van mijn vaardigheid en uitdaging op het gebied van salsa.  Hiermee wil ik duidelijk maken hoe salsa elke keer overgedragen wordt aan een ander. Nederland is een multiculturele land waar men zichzelf kan zijn. Ik denk dat sommige Latijnse mensen naar Nederland zijn gekomen en konden zichzelf uiten door salsa te dansen. Net als wat tussen mij en me zus gebeurde, gebeurd nu ook hier in Nederland. Heel spontaan worden mensen in de salsa wereld getrokken. Salsa is net als FLOW, voordat je het weet ben je er al mee bezig.

Salsa is eigenlijk het Spaanse woord voor saus. Deze salsa of saus is energierijk en lekker. Dus elke keer dat men het proeft neem men het over. Het is een mix van de meeste Latijnse dansen. Tijdens het dansen van salsa ben je heel sociaal en speels bezig. Wat voor mij ook belangrijk is voor het ervaren van FLOW. Kleine kinderen ervaren vaker FLOW als ze sociaal en speels bezig zijn. Met salsa leer je nieuwe mensen kennen. Je eigenwaarde gaat groeien samen met je zelfvertrouwen. Mensen die salsa dansen komen naar je toe als je niet durf en helpen je de eerste stappen te zetten.
Een andere aspect van salsa dat ik aangetroffen ben tijdens het zoeken naar de geschiedenis van salsa is het onderstaande.

"Each dancer is accustomed to dance his/her own style. None is better, only different. Viva la variedad, Viva la Salsa!"- ( Jaime Andrés Pretell)

Net als elke persoon het FLOW anders ervaart, gebeurt dit ook bij salsa. Elke persoon ervaart het verschillend en niemand is beter. Uiteindelijk is voeg je je eigen ingrediënt aan je saus toe en ontstaat er je eigen FLOW van salsa. Dit is ook een reden waarom salsa nu zo bekend is aan het worden. Men kan zichzelf blijven tijdens het dansen. Salsa bestaat uit bijna alle ingrediënten waar men FLOW ervaart. Je bent in aanraking met muziek, je bent creatief bezig, je ben aan het bewegen en het zit vol uitdagingen dat jezelf kan bepalen.

Elke keer dat ik dans, inspireer ik iemand uit mijn omgeving, straal ik vrolijkheid uit. Ik dans mijn eigen stijl, uiteindelijk is het mijn eigen saus. Dus de volgende keer dat je op de dansvloer salsa ben aan het dansen, aanvaard het moment, want je ben bezig met je eigen saus.

Vergeet het niet,

Dhr Phox

donderdag 28 november 2013

De bus naar onbekend.

Ik ben onderweg naar een onbekende bestemming. Met mijn 19de stap ik voor het eerst deze bus in. Ik zit in de bus en kijk naar buiten. Ik kijk om mij heen. Het is zomer en alles is groen hier in Nederland. Ik verdiep me in mijn gedachten, terwijl de bomen langs de weg gaan. Het lijkt alsof elke boom een herinnerings moment is. Zo kan ik van elk boom wat vertellen. Plotseling zie ik een grote boom komen. Ik zie dat boom als mijn eerste stap in Nederland. Samen met mijn vrienden stap ik mijn onbekende bestemming in. Ik benoem deze boom " het weg naar onafhankelijkheid". Samen met mijn vrienden kan ik alles tegen in dit koude land. Ik heb het warme eiland verlaten. Op weg naar een onbekende bestemming. Ik zit nog in de bus. Mensen stappen in en mensen stappen uit. Ze hebben hun bestemming bereikt. Ik zie elke bushalte buiten het raam heen gaan. Het voelt alsof een persoon daar in mijn leven, in en uitstapt, bij elke bushalte dus.  Ze doen wat in mijn leven en stappen bij hun halte uit. Misschien ben ik nu ook zo'n persoon voor iemand in de bus. Waar gaat hij of zij heen? Waar ga jij heen? Durf ik niet te vragen. Ik ben verlegen. Mijn bestemming is onbekend. Het voelt warm in deze bus. Het ruikt naar huid dat in de zon staat. Ik ben de weg kwijt. Ik weet niet waar ik ben, maar zo heb ik misschien iemand blij kunnen maken. Tot Ziens bus van onbekende bestemming.


maandag 25 februari 2013

Vlieg vlindertje vlieg


Vlieg vlindertje vlieg
maar maak me alsjeblief
niet verliefd

In de buik van velen
verspreid je stuifmelen
En de gene die liefde delen
maakt je ze maar ezelen

Vlieg vlindertje vlieg
maar maak me alsjeblief
niet verdriet

Laat mijn gedachten draaien
net als je vleugels waaien
zwevend door de lucht
komt je hartje tot gerust

vlieg vlindertje vlieg
ik ben niet op jouw verliefd
maar kwijt wil ik je niet

Blijf maar hier


Gedicht gevonden in 1 van me oude txt bestanden.

Ethisch Hacken!

Een paar weken geleden moest ik een stukje onderzoek doen voor mijn school project. Net als de titel van deze blog al zegt gaat het om "HACKEN". Als men deze woord horen denken ze meteen aan iets slecht van computers. Je zal vast wel horen dat hackers de criminelen zijn van het internet. Dat hoeft niet zo te zijn hoor, tegenwoordig wordt dit ook gedaan voor de goede doel. Bedrijven adviseren over hun kwetsbaarheden en of mogelijkheid voor nieuwe beveiliging technieken. Dus ik dacht laat me toch even mijn saaie stuk delen met het internet. Als voor onderzoek moest ik de onderstaande vraag beantwoorden.

Wat gebruiken hackers om te hacken?

Om deze vraag volledig te beantwoorden zijn er twee onderdelen te bespreken. Hackers gebruiken namelijk vele soorten softwares( hierna genoemd als tools) om hun doel te bereiken. Een tool is dus een middel dat hackers gebruiken om te hacken. Daarnaast is het operating system ook van belang voor de hackers. Hiermee wordt de vraag dan, welke operatings systems worden er vaak gebruikt onder hackers? En welk tool er vaak wordt gebruik onder hackers?.
Welk tools worden vaak gebruikt onder hackers?
Op het internet zijn er veel hacking tools beschikbaar voor eenvoudig tot de meest complexe klussen. Een van de meest bekende software op het internet is Nmap (Network Mapper). Doordat deze tool eenvoudig is voor zowel de begin gebruiker als de meer geavanceerde gebruikers werd het zo beroemd. Het maakt gebruik van IP-packets op verschillende manieren om data van zijn doel te krijgen. Onder data vallen welke Operating system of versie ervan gedraaid wordt, welke filters/firewalls er op gedraaid worden enzovoort. Daarnaast is Nmap gratis en is op verschillende besturing systemen te draaien. Andere bekende softwares zijn Backtrack, Nessus en John the Ripper(JTR).
Welke Operating systems worden door hackers gebruik?
Deze wordt iets lastig te beantwoorden, aangezien de software dat er wordt gebruik ook afhankelijk kan zijn van het operating system. Maar toch is Linux het meest gebruikte onder de Hackers. Dit komt door de vrijheid van Unix systemen en de hoeveelheid open source tools die er hierop beschikbaar zijn. Hier wordt het Slackware distribution vaak gebruikt onder de geavanceerde hackers en Knoppix voor zowel beginners als geavanceerd.

Ten slotte kan  er geconcludeerd worden dat tegenwoordig de Linux operating systems en Nmap tool het meest wordt gebruik door de hackers om te hacken. Hierop is er nog geen wetenschappelijk onderzoek gedaan. De tools en operating systeem dat de hackers gebruik zijn afhankelijk van de kennis dat de hackers zelf hebben.



Net als altijd Thanks for reading and remain Awesome like that

vrijdag 15 februari 2013

I Love You(Rself)!

Love... such a small word, yet has a huge meaning. I found it an interesting topic to blog about today. Many people say it every day "I Love you", many people feel it every day and many people are looking for it every day. But must of all everyone experience it differently. So most of us use it without adding an actuall meaning to it. Wich bring us to the question "W
hat does love actually means? ".I prefer to define love as follow: “The bond of feeling so attached to a person that you don't want to lose.” By this definition you can say you love everyone or only some people that you dont want to lose. When you think of it you come to realize how many people you care for. How much you really care for yourself. I think the most important part of loving is starting with the person you are.  

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.” -Unknown Author

First, as I mentioned before, many people say I love you every day. It is becoming a common word that people find hard to explain. Have you ever gone around asking what people experience when in love or what they think love means? Well I have been asked and that time I truly found it hard to explain. Most people would say that it is an unexplainable feeling. A feeling you can relate to so many things and terms.

According to Wikipedia love is “An emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment”. But it’s not just "strong affection and personal attachment", it’s more than just that. Love is also trusting each other and a lot of communication in between. Ofcourse there are more things to it, but those are the most principal ones. People who love each other look into the future and make plans as being one. Have you done that yet? It doesn't have to be planning on long term, it can be for tommorow or next week.

What I also hear a lot is that love is eternal, a never ending feeling of attraction towards each other. Those who once fell in love with someone will always keep that one in their heart. No matter the distance, nor if you are still with that person or you broke up. Some girls told me that there will always be a tiny feeling towards their ex-boyfriend, but it is not a love feeling. I don't mean this kind of feeling as eternal love, that feeling can be just lust or an obsession towards that person. I mean those out there that fight for each other every single day, each minute of their lives, till that tear them appart. That kind of eternal love.

Furthermore, many people are looking for love everyday with no success. Those who have found it, doesn't know what to do with it. Some people have it but are disappointed because it wasn't really what they were expecting. I would like to say that "They liked the journey, but didn't like the destination." Some people have it in front of them, but doesn't see it. For all that kind of people I will say :
" Love yourself, and may that love consume you and the one you love".

Last but not least, 'If you want it, go for it all out.' also 'Never give up on what you deserve to have' and "Let yourself be loved". Time will decide your love story, it always will.

"Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers." -Veronica A. Shoffstall

I don't know if a lost you on all this lovey dovey story, but if you are still reading I thank you for this. Hope this was kind of usefull to you.


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woensdag 23 mei 2012

Love knows no Boundaries, nor does Music.

Love knows no boundaries, and all that has been in love knows this. Sometimes we find love in the most unexpected places, the most hopeless places. All we have to do is look carefully and deep. Sometimes we put boundaries to ourselves, just to think that it will help us on the pursuit of happiness. But love knows no boundaries; it will always make its way to make you happy no matter what boundaries you put. Isn't it funny? Pick someone’s music device and listen carefully what they listen to. I bet you realize now we all have love songs with us. Everywhere, anytime, our heart makes its own beat of love. Music is everywhere, Birds sings in the morning, on melodies pure and clear. The universe communicates with us through sounds, and we put boundaries to what we want and don't want to hear. Well they say music can alter moves and talk to you. Whenever we hear music we might want to dance, sing or find the courage to make a move. We find ourselves in songs, and can express ourselves through music. Where there is no beat, there is no life, and no place for love. We are all connected; some of us don't realize this. Those who know this make love and not war. Those are the ones that make love music. Those are the ones we find in unexpected places. Those are the exceptions through our boundaries.

“The chromatic scale consists of 12 tones. Arranged in time and sequence. These 12 simple tones create an infinite variety of music. Harmony and dissonance, tension and resolution— all can be described by the mathematical ratios between tones. If we could translate all ratios into sound? We could hear the Music of the Spheres; a sound as immense, as powerful as the universe itself. As quiet as a single stone. As beguiling as the human heart. For some, music elevates the spirit to a place of transcendent beauty. Others simply hear the beauty in the numbers themselves. 
 The Earth, as it rotates, emits a frequency, a musical note, at 7.83 hertz. But this frequency alters slightly, for reasons as yet uncertain. Some postulate solar flares as the cause, or electrical disturbance in the atmosphere. But maybe there’s a simpler explanation. Maybe the sound of the planet is influenced by the seven billion souls whirring around it, each producing their own music, adding their own harmony.” - Jake Bohm, Touch

Listen to your own music, your own beat, and follow the sound of it on the path of success and love. Where there is a will, there is a way. Don't let boundaries stand in your way, if you do, the universe will find its way. Nothing is impossible if you believe in the sounds of your heart and follow it. See it as a dance, when the beat is fast you will dance fast on it, and when it slows down, you go slowly with the flow. All we have to do is to follow the beat and move to it or listen to it. You are never alone if you got music with you. Through sadness and happiness, through good times or hard times, it is always there for you. Just close your eyes, listen and let your emotions go. 
We were made of love, to make love and share love, from the very first start. From the first beat of our heart. The frequency that our earth rotates and our heart beats is what connect us in a way our ears can't listen but our body reacts on them. Love might make us blind, but doesn’t make us deaf. Listen to your heart, when he is calling for you. The hearts is the most devoted body part; it takes blood and makes art. It is part of the nature, it is part of you. You know you're awesome like that, so follow the beat of love with style.

If you have not noticed yet, most of this blog was based on real life songs.

maandag 14 mei 2012

Tijd vliegt, Dagen gaan snel

Dus hier ben ik lopend, waar naar toe, weet ik niet , maar ik ben opzoek naar gemeente de bilt. Ben er nooit geweest. Volgens 9292ov moest ik uit de bus stappen bij konijnenlaan, en dan 5 minuten lopen. In welk richting? Welk weg zal ik nemen? Hebben jullie dat ooit meegemaakt? Ik geloof van wel. Mijn besteming was wel bereik op één of andere manier. In één keer gelukt, zonder mensen voor de weg naar 013 te vragen (zoek maar op youtube " de weg naar 013" van jurgen rayman). Als gelovige kan ik mijn succes als iets heel bijzonders verklaren. Dat ga ik nu niet doen. Mijn logica zei: " loopt eerst deze straat in en kijk je horloge... Als je langer dan 5min loopt, zit op de verkeerde weg". Uiteindelijk kwam het op neer dat ik me pakket nog niet daar ligt, maar ik moet er nog niet bezorgd om worden. Great, dacht ik, als ik verdwaald was en dit te horen zou krijgen zou ik echt teleurgesteld zijn.

Maar ik ben weer geïnspireerd, en op verzoek van mensen en om aan mijn belofte te houden, heb ik besloten om hierover te gaan schrijven, voor de liefhebbers. Ik ben weer onderweg naar mijn volgende bestemming, in de bus.

Het avontuur is over, as woensdag wordt het weer wat, na 15uur. Tijd heeft geen vleugels maar het vliegt, het weekend heeft geen wielen maar het ging snel. Het enige wat omhoog gaat en kom niet meer naar beneden komt is je leeftijd. We zitten bijna op de helft van 2012 en het einde van het schooljaar. Doelen worden snel bereikt en nieuwe doelen worden gemaakt. Voor mij is het bijna tijd om aan mijn nieuwe doel te beginnen. Ben benieuwd hoelang ik over het behalen van deze doelen me gaat duren.

"Kijk hoe het gaat nog duren voordat ik binnen mag  komen, zien ze niet dat dit me hart is, hoe lang moet ik nog dromen.......want ik wacht al zolang.." - keizer ft nino en Lucky  LuQ- ik wacht al zolang

Tijd vliegt, vorige week donderdag heb de hele nacht door domino gespeeld bij een paar vrienden. En nee, dat is niet de hele nacht domino's achter elkaar zetten en dan duwen. Nee, het echt spel zoals we op Curaçao spelen. Ik vind men hier domino moet leren spelen, het is een spel waarbij je vaardigheid nodig hebt en waarmee je veel plezier kan beleven. Met je flesje rum, bier of cola erbij, beleef je de tijd van je leven tijdens het spelen. Die avond heb ik een schoen uit mijn schoenen winkel kunnen weggeven. Jah, ik heb een schoenenwinkel volgens de groep mensen waarmee ik domino speelt, want ik heb er veel van hun gekregen. Men krijgt een "denkbeeldige" schoen als men 10 punten heeft terwijl de tegen partij nog onder de 5punten zit. Theoritisch heb ik er veel schoenen in mijn leven gehad, want ik speel vanaf jong af aan. Nu herinner ik me nog dat ik iemand domino zou leren spelen, maar dat gaat niks worden, denk ik, want tijd vliegt en de dagen gaan snel.

Alles gaat snel, voordat je weet is alles voorbij, niks is ondeindig maar komt altijd op een eind. Dus geniet van je leven ook al duurt het maar even. Hoe je dit moet doen? Met style, because you are awesome like that.
PS. special thanks goes for the author of http://xtc-always.blogspot.com/ for helping me with this post

donderdag 10 mei 2012

Genesis, waar het begon!

Dus dat mensen, het begin van een nieuwe bezigheid. Aangezien dat ik af een toe wat te delen heb, deze blogsite. Ik kan niet veel beloven maar ik doe me best om jullie op deze manier te vermaken. Natuurlijk zijn al jullie reacties, tips of berichten welkom.

Wat te verwachten?
Tot nu toe kunnen jullie verwachten dat ik niet veel gaat zetten, omdat ik redelijk nieuw ben met zulke gedoe. Maar op lange termijn zie ik mezelf veel meer schrijven en bijzondere dingen met jullie dingen die ik mee maakt.

Wat ik vandaag heb meegemaakt?
Vandaag was mijn vrije dag, of soort van vrije dag. Lekker lui uitslapen op mijn pijnlijke oor, maar hier kom ik later op terug. Je zou denken dat men op een vrije dag zijn alarm uitzet en door blijft slapen. Wel mijn wekker ging om 7:30 om en zonder problemen heb ik deze uitgezet en door geslapen. Voor mijn geluk begon mijn mobiel op een gegeven moment te trillen, alsof er 1000 berichten binnen kwam. Jah he, daar wordt je zeker wakker van. Ik met moeite mijn ogen open doen en naar mijn telefoon kijken wat er aan de hand was, terwijl ik gewoon verder wou slapen. Het kwam op neer dat de "mute group" optie dat ik ingesteld heb op een van de whatsapp groepen is uitgelopen. Dus de mensen die naar school of werk moesten begonnen hun dag met whatsapp "Moru " "Moru" ( dit is een manier om Goede morgen te zeggen in het papiamento). Samen met iemand die heel belangrijk vindt dat ik opstond en iets nuttig doet vandaag, hebben ze me uit bed kunnen krijgen. Zo ben ik hiermee begonnen. Dit was het begin van mijn dag en begin van mijn blog. Mooi genoeg een blog waar ik niet weet of er iemand het gaat lezen. Een blog dat ik voor het eerste keer schrijft. Een blog waarmee ik mijn gedachten openbaar maakt. Een blog geinspireert door een andere blog.

Ten slotte
De laptop waarmee ik nu bezig bent, is heel vervelend om mee te schrijven en omschrijven wat ermee aan de hand is. Het is zo dat een knop van me numerieke blok kapot is (nummertje 6) waardoor ik mijn cursor niet rustig terug kan zetten om iets te verbeteren, met numlock uit (denk ik). Als ik numlock aan zet krijgen jullie een tekst vool men 6sjes. Voorbeeld hieronder

Dit 6is 6een v66oorb6eeld v6an 6een 6tekst 6waar 6ik mijn 6numlock 66aan 6heb6t 6gez6et, 6het 6is 6heel 6v6erv6elend 6v6ind 66ik 6omdat 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666dit 6kan 6geb6eurekn.

Voordat ik ga afsluiten moest ik nog vertellen hoe het komt dat ik een pijnlijke oor heb. Wel gisteren wou ik me Mohawk bijwerken met mijn nieuwe tondeuse. Als ik wist dat deze tondeuse zin had in een stukje oor, had ik een andere gebruikt. Ik ging haren achter me oor weghalen en "yum yum" ging mijn tondeuse op me oor, en daar gaat een stukje van me oor dacht ik. Raar genoeg voelde ik niks, geen pijn of een waarschuwing dat mijn oor hebt geknipt. Na enige tijd merkte ik bloed, druppel bloed op mijn lichaam, en toen pas had ik het door dat ik een stukje oor kwijt ben. Maar het kan gebeuren. "Korta orea" kan ook in het papiamento geinterperteerd worden als "vreemd gaan", maar dit was niet het geval.

Zo ik heb een behoorlijke stuk vandaag geschreven, ik laat het hierbij. Net als andere mensen hun slot zin hebben voor alles wat ze zeggen of schrijven, eindigt ik ook met style.
Because I'm Awesome Like That,

woensdag 9 mei 2012


Het is een dag om te bloggen want dit is goed om te doen.