donderdag 17 december 2015

The END of Everything

Hi there readers.

I know it has been a while since I last blogged, but here I am again. The reason you did not see any blog for a while, is because I have not put and END to them yet. But before this year ENDs I want to you to think about The END of Everything.

Take a moment and think what ended this year and what is going to end in the future. Are your endings just like a fairy tale or more of a scary tale? Yes, sometimes there is good endings and sometimes you have the not so good too (Reality). But in the end we all will experience them at the end of times. One of the great things for me that ended this year was my greatest summer vacation. On this vacation I celebrated my 25th Birthday with amazing friends and family. One of the not so good things that ended this year is my job as a catering assistant. It was a very enlightening job experience, I learned how to treat costumers in a better way.
Somewehere in the near future I have somethings that is going to end too. Some of them I look forward to and some I don't. One of the things I look forward to is the end of my school carreer. This will be a great milestone in my life.
We all must have heard the qoute " All good things must come to an end eventually, but the next experience awaits" and so is this blog. So lets focus on the next experience that await us and make the best out of it. A new year, a new challenge, a new love, a new adventure, a new trend and a new blog. For what did not end yet, just enjoy it while it last. Because after all it will come to an end eventually.

I want to take this moment to wish all my readers a joyfull Christmass and a happy new year. May the best come to you, because you are awesome like that.


PS. Feel free to leave feedbacks or share your experiences.