vrijdag 16 juni 2017

3.5 is just a Number

It took them 3,5 years to get back to reality. A reality that most of us don't want to live in anymore, because we have something better. Something so good, that it is worth holding on to it.
This is story about relationship that would've been wonderful if the situation was different. Or would it not? Some things belong together, like in the circle of fifths. Just as the saying goes about tango.
Reality or not, the clock keeps ticking and the time goes on. We have to take a flight to the next adventure and a step in another vision of the world. A twist in the plot of life.

Time flies or shatters away from you, that is what you often hear people say. Time is a never-ending gift that we should cherish, while we still have it. A lot can happen in 3,5 seconds, 3,5 months and 3,5 years. Within 3,5 second you can get shot and take 3,5 months to recover of a relationship that felt like it lasted 3,5 years. Time can tell many stories like this one and I am thankful that I am in yours now.

It all starts with Ying, a very talented person. A person that loves to dance, play music, sing and craft. Once in focus, it is hard to get Ying out. Ying have been in many relationships before, but none felt like this one. Ying have been hurt and loved before, but for a 3,5 you can't go back. Ying has a very beautiful whiteness, but is sometimes bothered by the black spot. A beauty or sexy spot in the eyes of others. A dark spot that get covered up in the society or on the mainstream media. On a beautiful night, with clear skies, Ying went out to a park, sat down underneath a tree and play a guitar while watching the stars. What Ying didn't know is that underneath that tree, there was another person.

Yang was a very talented person. Yang loved to dance, play music, solve puzzles and write stories. Once focused and motivated, Yang could get very creative and inspirational. Yang has been in some relationships before, but none felt like this one. It felt like half way there, 3,5 to be more exact. Yang has a very beautiful darkness, but is sometimes bothered by a white scar within. A scar that makes Yang unique in the eyes of others. Yang tries to cover this scar with a smile and optimism, so no-one could notice what is going on. On a beautiful night, with clear skies, Yang went out to a park, sat down underneath a tree, and start writing a poem. What Yang didn't know is that underneath that tree, there was another person.

Ying and Yang met on a very peculiar way, on a dark night with clear skies. While focusing on the pink stars rising to the skies. Their 3,5 joined together to form the 7 stars of Ursa Minor. The lucky number 7. The sound of the guitar Ying was playing inspired Yang to write a beautiful poem. After 3,5 minutes they found themself together searching for the Great Bear. As time flew by they enjoyed every moment and it felt like they have been there for 3,5 years. They knew that after 3.5 hours they have to go back, back to reality.

Are you wondering what Yang wrote within that 3,5 minute? Well here you go:

Dear Farfallina,

You are became very special to me and I will wait till the day that you are mine. Meanwhile we will stay just friends, sharing a secret love and friendship. ;)

You are very kind, talented and motivational person. You thought me a lot about myself and motivated me on the field of music. It is ironic who the butterfly was that flew away. In the end, it is the small things that mostly mattered, right?

As I sit underneath this tree and stare at the sky, I will let time decide what happens next. I hope you enjoyed the me from now, I can't promise I will be the same in the future. As time goes everybody will change eventually.

But now, let's live in the now and enjoy it. Not to worry about the future or past. Enjoy the music and rhythm within us and go with the flow of it.

Yang ;)

Well you reached this far, so again I'm thankful of your time, thank you for being part of my life and thank you for being a motivational person to me. Stay awesome like that.

Dyoxler out!