donderdag 26 juni 2014

Is it perfect?

Dear reader,

Hear am I again bothering you with my thoughts. Do you believe in something perfect? Do you think such thing exists? Is the word "perfect" itself perfect? Well I highly doubt it now. This is one of those time I sit back and think deep about this  kind of stuff. Like people really pursue perfection like its something they can achieve. While in fact there is no such thing. You want some examples? You say you found the perfect partner, yet you secretly see their imperfections like snoring while they sleep. Of-course these are things you can live with, but I don't think it's the perfect partner then, don't you? It's just an imperfect partner that you can spend your life with.

Another example is getting perfect grades. When you check it yourself you see you didn't finish a sentence with a "dot"( this example is a bit ridiculous, but you get the point, right?). So a perfect grade means you did better then most of the other students, but still, you had mistakes. If everyone had the right answers, with only some grammar mistakes. I think the perfect score would be the one with the less grammar mistakes  I know this example is very flaw, but it's for me to point out that, perfect isn't really perfect, it's just something we can live with.

I also think it's funny that I say " its something we can live with ", while we still pursue perfection. Don't you think? So at the end I just wanted to say that there is no such thing of perfect in this world. If you think you have some thing perfect, you might as just be a foolish thinker. Love your self and everything you do, you didn't do anything bad or imperfect. You did it perfectly the way you did. Next time it will be perfect too and so on.

 We are perfectly imperfect and we do so as well.

zaterdag 7 juni 2014

Being Loyal

Being Loyal is not the only thing a relationship needs. Today I wanted to bring my thoughts out on this line. The reason I did this is because I try be a very loyal person. I feel like being loyal is not everything in a relationship. Yes "relationship"!. I'm being very specific with the word "relationship" and not "partner" to stay general with the topic.

Relationship: the mutual dealings, connections, or feelings that exist between two parties, countries, people, etc:

So read me out.
Being Loyal is one of the important things in a relationship, it makes the other person put more trust in you. But the thing is, you can be 100 percent loyal, but everything you do makes others question your loyalty.

You can be loyal and not taking the relationship seriously.

i.e. ' you will always be there for the other (in good or bad), but you do so just to hold your standards and nothing more'

You can be loyal and not giving the attention the other person needs or wants.

Here are some examples:
You are loyal to someone and tell them "I will be there when you need me" while not being able to know when that person really needs you.
You are loyal to someone and tell them "I will never do you wrong" while not knowing what the other person think its right.

So that brings me to the question what being Loyal to someone really means, and what is his value in a relationship. Are you a loyal friend/partner/family?

If you are my best friend and you are also best friends with my enemy, would you tell me their secrets or would you share mine with them?

Like I said before, everything you do makes others question how loyal you are. In the end, its not just being loyal that matters, but how much you value the other person.

Let me know what you think.

And as always I have to finish with style,


Een man, starend in het donker.

Hij droomt. Hij is wel wakker, maar hij droomt. Hij droomt over het wat hij wilt worden. Hij zegt het hard op " ik wil graag laborant worden of iemand die in de laboratorium werkt". Hij zucht. Diep. Hij weet dat dat niet meer kan. Maar hij is tevreden met zijn werk. Mensen noemen hem wel eens werkverslaafd. Maar liefde voor het werken volledige toewijding van een roeping hoeft dus niet altijd de negatieve connotatie van werkverslaving te hebben. Hij hevelt van zijn werk. En oke. Hij vlucht er misschien in. Hij droomt. Zucht diep en valt in zijn gedachten. Steeds verder. Hij denkt aan vroeger. Zijn vrouw. Ex-vrouw. Hij wordt bedroefd. Een van de moeilijkste dingen van liefdesrelaties is het omgaan met meningsverschillen en enigheid. Maar hier  kwamen ze niet uit. Hij zou voordat hij doodging kinderen willen hebben en ze 23 jaar zien worden. Zij leefde anders. Ze zei dat ze kinderen wilde, maar ze straalde wat anders uit. Ze loog tegen hem. Dag in, dag uit. De grap is vaak het gat waardoor de waarheid valt. Hij wilde zijn leven met haar delen. Maar zij, zij leefde anders. Ze luisterde niet. Ze wist niet dat wanneer een man merkt dat hij gewaardeerd wordt, dat hij luistert en hij zich niet afwezen voelt omdat hij niet niet meer praat, zal hij langzaam loskomen. Hij werd terug geroepen naar zijn werk. Iemand vroeg hem iets. Achteloos zei hij " ja ". Niet eens wetende wat er gevraagd werd  hij staarde naar zijn handen. Hij keek op naar zijn collega's. Allemaal boze gezichten. Als iets kon veranderen in mijn werk, zou het de sfeer zijn, dacht hij. Maar dacht hij direct, als ik me daar ook al druk over moet maken. Hij kerk weer naar zijn handen. Glimlachte, grinnikte. Hij dacht na. Weer aan vroeger. Zijn ex vrouw. Iemand die er steeds was, was er niet. En gordijn van doorzichtige kraaltjes. Hij moest loslaten steeds aan haar te denken. Hij kan zonder haar. Hij kan krijgen wie hij wilde hij riep het: "ik kan zonder haar". Zomaar, hardop, ik kan het hoor. "Leef je volledig uit met door inzicht " riep een collega. Gejoel, gelach, geklap. De collega's dachten dat hij er over heen was. Die hadden het over sex pakken wat je pakken kunt. Maar dat wilde hij niet. Hij had een ander leven in zijn hoofd. Laborant, vrouw, kinderen. Het mocht niet zo zijn. Hij deed alsof hij genoot. Vluchtte in zijn werk. Voor de buitenwereld leek zijn bestaan perfect, maar en heel mens word hij nooit meer.

zaterdag 11 januari 2014

The story of You! The talented one.

Once upon a time in a world far far from here. A world where a lot of Ideas lived happy and free. There was one special creature, it was unique amongst all the Ideas that lived there. The day it was born all the Ideas came together, to watch the wonder amongst them. A couple of them deliberated to put a tag or label on this creature so they could differentiate its kind from the Ideas. They called it a person, which means for them "we came together". It was the wonder of all Ideas, it was raised by all of them, it was the first person in the wonderful world of Ideas. The joy they saw in the person, when they were nurturing it was so overwhelming, it made them grow bigger. So the bigger they grew, the more they knew, the more they were be able to teach the person. As the years passed by the person grew attached to the Ideas.

One day a big Idea came to the person, to announce that more of its kind has been born in their world. That it's no longer unique amongst the Ideas. As if the miracle of the one and only person in their world was no longer a miracle, but more of a result of something that is happening. After the announcement, the Ideas decided to spread all over the world to nurture every new person, and do so in their own way. The same as had happened to the first person, they enjoyed the joy of every person and grew even bigger.
Of course, not all of the Ideas went to the other new persons. Some of them stayed with the first person, and thought it more and more. This person became bright and wise from the knowledge of all the Ideas. The first person traveled the world visiting the other Ideas.

After a couple of years the world of Ideas was no longer theirs. It all became a chaos in their world. Ideas were running every second from person to person. As if their perfect world no longer existed. Even though they got so big from the joys of the persons. Their world was more a world of persons with some big Ideas amongst them.
Meanwhile the first person didn't forget anyone that raised it. The first person continued to visit every single Idea, all over the world. It came to notice that the Ideas weren't as happy as they were the day when It was born. As if the Ideas are happier when they are all together in one place. But for some reason It didn't want to tell the Ideas about this and kept it to Itself.

Years has passed and the Ideas lost their world, and they decided to go back together. To deliberate a way they can witness the joy of every person in the world without getting separated. After a lot of deliberating they made 2 discoveries. First they discovered that they were happier when they are together. The first person was also there, felt the same way and also had the same remarks. It felt happier when it is together with the happy and free Ideas. The second discovery the Ideas made was that their size was related to the amount of persons in the world. That the bigger they get, the more persons will be born. They decided to share their discoveries with the first person. It remarked that, it also noticed this when traveling around the world. At that moment they decided to share their memories of the past with each other. It was a moment of joy, fun and laughter. A big Idea that raised and stayed with the first person asked for something they can differentiate the first person from the others, a new label, and the others Ideas agreed to this. It took them a while to bring something up.

The day they brought this something up was a very special day. It was a day where every person in the world came to the place that all the Ideas were, claiming the Ideas that raised them should return with them. It was a day of chaos. The first person was the only one who could protect the Ideas from the other person. It cried and suffered a lot from the damage all the person caused it. But eventually all the persons retreated and said to return the next day. And that this will continue until the Ideas return with them. The first person was laying in front of the Ideas badly injured. It was this moment, they brought that something up. They decided to call the first person "You" which for them means “Shelter of Ideas", for them the first person, now called "You", was their hero of the day. They treated the injuries of You and provided it with more teachings. The next day the other persons left to come back the next day again. This went on for 6 days and after every day You got less injured from the person. As if You have gotten stronger with every teaching for the Ideas. On the 7th day, You stood tall in front of all the persons and preached full of confidence. You explained a way in which the Ideas can still be together and at the same time be with all the other persons. Where all can be happy, growing full of joy and knowledge.

During this event another miracle was happening inside of You, but this will be left a "mystery".

The way that You explained to the other persons was a way for Ideas and persons to stay connected. But the way had first to be mastered and this will take years. The persons on their turn proposed to come back every year with the Ideas that raised them to the place, so You can master the way. Every year the Ideas were together and celebrated it with You. As if You has manage to control the chaos that was happening in the world of Ideas.
The year came where You has mastered the way along with the Ideas. The Ideas decided to call this way "Talent" which means for them "A way to connect" on the day that everyone was gathered. And on this day You thought the persons a the fundamental piece of the Talent that he called "Imagination". Because of this Talent, will this day be the last time all persons traveled to the same place for the sake of the Ideas. Through the piece of Talent "Imagination" could the Ideas still be together even when they were spread through the world.

So the Ideas acquired their peaceful world back along with the persons. The Ideas grew bigger and the world had more persons. After mastering the fundamental piece of Talent "Imagination" the persons started to learn other pieces of Talents from You. The piece that followed Imagination was "Creativity" which led to creation of many things in the world. As for You remained the most Talented one in the World.

~The End~

The message that I’m trying to bring with this story is this:

You are talented, You have great ideas within you, Use them to take away the chaos in this world. Share your ideas with others to make them bigger. Let the miracle in you change the world to a better place for all,