donderdag 30 maart 2017


So, I have been wondering for quite some times why there are some people out there insecure about how they look or what they can do. I mean, sometimes I am also insecure about things. But why? And what do I need to do against this? Maybe someone gave a TED speech about this already, but I don't know.  Feel free to share your knowledge.

Well this thought and question had been wondering in my head for quite some time now. I think for some people out there too. I think I might have the answer and I wonder if other people also think the same. All you need is the right compliment from the right person. Not that you should wait for this to happen, but I think once you get this... you are ready to beat the world. Just to clarify things I would say it again "All you need is the right compliment from the right person". I mention two important things here: 1. Right compliment and 2. Right person.
The right compliment is exactly the opposite of the negative things that you think about yourself or think that you can't do. The right person is the person that you know that what they said is not just to make you feel good. This person can say somethings like:

"You are really good at that; you should write a story about me"
"I like your smile; it is a beautiful smile that you can light other people’s up with"
"You have a beautiful body; you should show it and trust me it will inspire other people to be like you"
"I like to dance with you even if it is just the basics, because you light up the room"
"You seem freaky, don't be hiding all of it, some people like that shit ;) "
"I like your appearance, you are motivational. I wish I had more colleagues as you"
"You are a very good parent; I look forward on raising my kids just like you"
"Son, always stay in the right path"

Once the right person tells you what you need to hear, you would totally feel confident again and will shine like the diamond that you are. All you needed is that little polish. This “right person” might be hard to find or might have been around you all this time without you noticing. Be sure to let them know what their compliment has done for you on way or the other. Be thankful for all the compliments you got and will get in the future. Conscious or unconscious you will put them in good use.

Some of this compliments could perish away along with the confident feeling in time. The thing is that you are so amazing that the feeling will be bigger, when you get the compliment again from someone else’s.
Yes, I know... there are people out there that has gotten overconfident because of this. Well negative compliments work the same way I think. If you get it from the right person all this overconfidence will be gone.

Again I am not saying that you should remain insecure and wait for the right thing to boost you up. Know that everything happens for a reason, you already have a "no", you could get a "yes", you never fail until you stop trying and that beauty is subjective, what one finds ugly another finds beautiful. You have managed so far...

Because you're awesome like that,

Dyoxler out.

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