donderdag 9 februari 2017

A game of February

Welcome to the game of February! This game is about getting everything done as fast as possible, because it is the shortest month of the year. This year the game brought a new feature for the die-hard players.
If you leave the house at night, it will be either raining, freezing or snowing. It's a challenge on how to remain as dry or warm possible and how drift your way from point A to B.
You can always choose not to leave the house and still beat the game.

Developers made a bonus level called "Valentine’s day" to celebrate that you are half way there.
Players have to prepare their wallet and start seasoning their food from day one.
If they play the bonus level well enough, they might get this achievement called a Valentine. The perks of this valentine depends on the method the player chooses to play this bonus level. The perks are either a lifetime of happiness, a lifetime of drama or a lifetime defensive shield.
Before the bonus level you can shop and prepare yourself with weapons or booby-traps. You could also dedicate your time on preparing your food by buying special seasonings.
To get the special achievement of this bonus level is simple. You have to protect your food at all cost until dinner time or start hunting on other player’s food. Viola, let The Hunger Games begin.
Because it's a bonus level, you could still get leftovers but not the achievement.
After the bonus level the games continues and now you are probably broke or hungry because of the bonus level. And yea the achievement didn't come with any money and you still have to get everything done as fast as possible.

How am I managing this game so far? I got a fishing rod, a bowl, special beans, a book, an agenda and no money. I am sitting on a fishing spot, watching beautiful fishes swim around. While other players are on a boat trying to get them. I got the special beans in a bowl, hoping they will sprout soon. Figure it out yet? I have a lot of patience and I'm focused what's in my agenda. In the book I have my strategies and recipes written down. Let The Hunger Games begin.

"Oh look! A rare fish is swimming around my bait and …"
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Remember only start playing when you know you will win.



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