zaterdag 7 juni 2014

Being Loyal

Being Loyal is not the only thing a relationship needs. Today I wanted to bring my thoughts out on this line. The reason I did this is because I try be a very loyal person. I feel like being loyal is not everything in a relationship. Yes "relationship"!. I'm being very specific with the word "relationship" and not "partner" to stay general with the topic.

Relationship: the mutual dealings, connections, or feelings that exist between two parties, countries, people, etc:

So read me out.
Being Loyal is one of the important things in a relationship, it makes the other person put more trust in you. But the thing is, you can be 100 percent loyal, but everything you do makes others question your loyalty.

You can be loyal and not taking the relationship seriously.

i.e. ' you will always be there for the other (in good or bad), but you do so just to hold your standards and nothing more'

You can be loyal and not giving the attention the other person needs or wants.

Here are some examples:
You are loyal to someone and tell them "I will be there when you need me" while not being able to know when that person really needs you.
You are loyal to someone and tell them "I will never do you wrong" while not knowing what the other person think its right.

So that brings me to the question what being Loyal to someone really means, and what is his value in a relationship. Are you a loyal friend/partner/family?

If you are my best friend and you are also best friends with my enemy, would you tell me their secrets or would you share mine with them?

Like I said before, everything you do makes others question how loyal you are. In the end, its not just being loyal that matters, but how much you value the other person.

Let me know what you think.

And as always I have to finish with style,


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  1. It's been what I've been going through lately so it really spoke to me. I liked it a lot and glad you've written something again :)

  2. Well it was a concept I started a while ago, that i decided to work on again :). Like " The Story of You: the talented one" went back to concept mode, so i can work on it any time soon...

    But I'm glad it spoke to you, and I hope you got the answers of the questions for yourself :)

    P.S. "Life is a mystery and so are the finding of choices we make"