maandag 20 juni 2016

The silent screams

I need help ....
I need help with stuff in my life
I need help with setting things straight
I need help to lessen this weight
I'm screaming "please help me with this strife"

I need help with being optimistic
So I can stop thinking that I failed
I need help with being realistic
So I can stop thinking that I have prevailed

Sometimes I need help with crossing the road
Other times I need help with asking for aid
I need help with all the stuff that needs to be paid.
I need help to accomplish all these things that I vowed

There are voices in my head screaming for help
There are voices around screaming the same
Can nobody hear all this cries for help?
The world need help, not someone to blame

In silent I scream so nobody will hear
Even when they ask, I won’t tell them my fear
With a smile on my face, I am struggling within
Helping others around to cover their sin

It is easier to help, then it is to ask
I can get a lot of things with just a mask
But not certainty to overcome this doubt
Isn’t this what the world is all about?

I need help to stay in touch
I need help to let go
I need help to let others know,
That in my life they are needed much

I need help with what I got
So I can help others find what they have not
Maybe I need just the help of God
To lessen all the problems that I've caught

The silent screams are spreading
I will not ask for helping
Someone will see that I need it
And will help me before I break

I need help from someone close
I need help with a prose
I need help to end this silent screams
I need help to start accomplishing dreams

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