maandag 16 mei 2016


Inspiration. Where do you get it? This is the topic I want to write about today. As you may have noticed, it is taking me a long time before I blog again. Well the thing is between now and then, I didn’t have inspiration to write anything. But today I do have! Isn’t that great readers? I'm back!

So where do I get my inspiration from? This might be a bit awkward, but no one will ever guess where the inspiration to write this blog came from. Nope, it is not from reading an article or book about inspiration. Nope, it not a movie that I just watched. Yes, it is when I was taking a shower. Odd right? I guess there must be a study out there which shows that this is not that odd. But do I always get my inspiration to write under the shower? The answer to that is obviously a fat NO! I often feel inspired after reading a friends blog. A very talented blogger and quite a story teller. As for me, I am not much of a story teller... well until I get inspired. Yes, sometimes I do have the fantasy to even write a fiction story. Other times I get inspired by the problems I come across in my daily life. There is many things that can inspire me to write about, some of them are quite awkward and funny. For example, sitting on the toilet getting shitty inspiration. Can you smell it? But the thing of inspiration is that it doesn’t last very long. Well for me it doesn’t. It always last like 40 minutes to an hour, after that I get distracted and inspiration will take a vacation. That's a bummer. Because of this it might take a long time before I get inspired again. Well that was a lie, I do get inspired more often than you think, but I do get distracted just as often. That's also a bummer isn’t it? For those moment I can keep the distraction away and keep on writing, you will get a blog from me to read. Yeeey! Sometimes I get inspired when I reflect on myself, my goals and my past. Of the lessons I learned or want to learn about myself or others.
Inspiration is quite a thing, a very beautiful skill of the mind and soul. It just hits you and go off as it please. But will create beautiful things while it is there. We should just let it be.

“What's meant to be will always find a way” ― Trisha Yearwood

I wonder what get you inspired. Inspired to do anything, it doesn’t have to be writing. I know some very talented people that makes music or mixes, paint something, dances or make a choreography, cook something or prepare a cocktail. Leave a comment let us know where or what gets you inspired.

For me this is the end of my inspiration session without distraction. I thank you very much for reading and also if you left any feedbacks or comment.

And as always I have to finish with style!

Remember to be inspired, because you're awesome like that. (B.Y.A.L.T.)


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