woensdag 8 februari 2017

A Fairy Tale of thoughts

What is the point of being nice, if the world isn’t nice to you?
Just because they say: Be the change you want to see in the world?
Why give something and hope for nothing, while you know you will get something?
Because the say what goes around, will come back around?
The world is a fairy tale and some of us hope to leave the world as a better place.
Striving to raise our children in a better way, so the world can be the future that we wanted.

But it has been for generations like this, and what have changed?
It is all just Fairy tales.
It is all the same and it will remain this way, 
If we always want something better and never be satisfied with what we have.
It is all an illusion to keep us hanging in this world.
A world of Fairy tales,

The optimistic people will know the positive answers to my questions.
But I wonder if they know the positive thought behind this blog.
Well I hope.

The world shows you countless of time the reality.
Those not living in that fairy tale, will strike harder at you.
And what do you do? Get hit and stay down, hope they stop, while you know that they will not?
No, we have been thought to fight back, pay back with what has been given to you.
But at the same time we have hope, we have to be nice and be gentle.
It doesn't seem that it fits. Something is not right in this Fairy tale.
Even in a boxing fight, it is the one that strikes hard and has the most experience wins.
And not the one that counters with soft touches and has hopes to win the fight.

I'm lost...
We are lost...
I'm lost between two decisions, like all of us are.
A one and a zero, a gamble between choices.
A hope for the best choice.
And not knowing what tomorrow will bring…
To set goals, to fight with everything in the ring.
To let go or to fight and get back up.

What is the point of all this? Tales that we have been told to hang on to life?
No wonder some of us quits. It's not real, its contradicting and confusing us.
The balance seems real; one cannot exist without the other.
A fantasy fighting reality.

They say never give up, but I gave up on this statement to grow up.
Moving forward by eating the elephant one bite at a time.
Accepted the fact that faster is not always the way.
As there are more ways that leads to Rome.
Choice is the steering wheel on that road.
But accepting what you already accepted can be difficult, you know?

One needs what it needs in the right moment that its needed,
Nothing more and nothing less.
Everything is just too much for One and nothing is too less for One, that is not enough.
So one just need the right amount that is needed, nothing more nothing less.

How can I put this simple?
While finding a simple way of writing something difficult,
Is simply difficult enough,
So I gave up, you know?
I give up on this Fairy tale that I wrote once.

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